The following Work Packages will be elaborated within the project lifetime:

1. Work package 1: Preparation

The main goal of WP1 is to identify and assess climate change issues to be considered during the preparation of the WP2 and provide clear information on the key CC and environmental challenges, the current policy, legislative and institutional framework, and the strategies in both Europe and PCs educational programmes.

2. Work package 2: Development – CCP_Law Curriculum and Virtual Learning Environment Development

The main aim of the WP2 is to design and develop the main courses on CCP_Law. The development of the programs will start by organising one study visit in Girona, Spain to exchange good practices, views on innovative teaching methodologies and course content. The EU partners will then establish the outline of the course and the methodology used which will be modified accordingly to the needs. This course will be adaptable to the needs of each PC HEI.

3. Work package 3: Capacity Building on Climate Change Policy and Law and on Distance

The aim of WP3 is to have an impact on academics’ professional development as climate change policy and law experts and on their ability and confidence in the effective integration of ICT and OER in course activities – in a “learning-centered” manner.

The main objectives of WP3 are:

1) to build the capacity of academic staff’s CCP_Law by a replication training.

2) to design, prepare and implement courses on ICT and OER, addressed to University academic/teaching staff, aiming to advance their knowledge in the new educational trends, and effective use information technologies in order to identify themselves as scientists in research and in the student’s environment as well.

4. Work package 4: Curricula on Climate Change Policy and Law and Infrastructure Delivery

In WP4, all activities for Operating the New and enhanced Master Programme on Climate Change Policy and Law will be taken and deliverables that have been carried out earlier in the project will be put to the test as Asian Partner HEIs will deliver the program.

5. Work package 5: Quality and Evaluation Procedures

The objective of this WP is to ensure the activities are carried out with the best methodology and they are delivering relevant and solid results. The quality of the project activities and results will be monitored at both internal and external evaluations as well as the appropriate indicators to measure performance.

6. Work package 6: Dissemination and Exploitation of Project Results

Dissemination and Exploitation activities will be carried out in two plans aimed at highlighting the internal/external communication activities that need to take place in the key stages of the life of the action.

7. Work package 7: Management and CCP-LAW Coordination

The objectives of this WP is to provide a lightweight structure among the participants in the consortium and to establish a common understanding as well as a cooperative and fruitful information exchange and ensure a smooth project implementation from both the technical and administrative/financial aspects.